’What are you even doing here’, he said and I felt busted. My answer was that I didn’t know. Actually I did know, but explaining would be far too complicated for that moment so I simply said ’I don’t know’.

Because how do you explain that all you’ve ever done is taken wrong turns and made bad choices and lived by other peoples’ expectations and never once let yourself do what is right for you and you only? Where do you begin telling a story (your story) when you don’t think anyone is interested in hearing it? It’s just another typical story of someone feeling lost and in the wrong place and never finding their right place, and you kind of wish for a happy ending but life has treated you badly and you don’t expect to be happy, you expect to be miserable for the rest of your life and you’re tired of even trying to expect anything else because this far anything you’ve ever loved and wanted has disappeared, ended or left you.

’What are you even doing here’, he said and all I could answer was ’I don’t know’.

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